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Criminal Actions

You may find that you have committed a criminal action without even knowing it, but as any police officer will tell you, ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law. If you have committed a criminal act, you must find a way to cope with it legally, emotionally and financially before you are able to move on. A criminal action is breaking the law, on purpose or through the course of neglect. While most people think of violent offenses as the sole criminal actions, behavior that breaks any law is considered criminal. This includes everything from speeding to purchasing illegal drugs.

If you have committed a violent act it is likely that you have caused somebody physical harm, or at least threatened or attempted to do so. Violent offenses are those that involve force or the threat of force. Sometimes violence occurs in the course of carrying out another crime, such as a robbery. Other times, violence is the sole crime. A New Mexico felony defense attorney like Baca Law Firm is required in cases such as these.

When it comes to the most common crime, it is certainly related to property. Property crime occurs any time one damages, destroys or unlawfully takes another person