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Different Criminal Offenses

Getting arrested and charged with a criminal offense can be an unsettling experience for just about anyone. Individuals are accused of crimes every day that include robbery, drug possession, shoplifting, felony assault, domestic violence and many others. Some of these charges can involve stiff penalties or even lengthy prison terms. For such serious matters, it’s essential to have an experienced criminal lawyer such as Angela Arellanes, Attorney at Law on your side.

From drug cases to violent crimes, criminal defense attorneys, like the Law Office of Erlinda Ocampo Johnson, have the responsibility of representing the accused. Their primary focus is to perform any necessary actions to keep their client from being convicted. Initially, the lawyer interviews the defendant, conducts an investigation, reviews reports and examines evidence to prepare for trial. In some instances, they’ll arrange a plea bargain if the case against them is strong.

Drug charges can be among the most serious. Anyone caught with possession of drugs or accused of drug manufacturing or trafficking should contact a lawyer immediately. A good legal team from Haymaker & Heroux, P.C. will provide effective counsel and information concerning your rights. It’s not unusual for people to find themselves wrongfully accused of drug crimes. Putting off hiring an attorney could seriously jeopardize the ability to formulate a compelling defense.

Anyone charged with a felony assault will need to have a skilled, highly qualified attorney such as Mark Keller Law Office working on their behalf. Both misdemeanor and felony assault charges can have lasting consequences. In many cases, these assaults involve some form of violence including inflicting severe bodily injury. The accused often face heavy fines or years in prison. A skilled lawyer provides the best opportunity to avoid jail time and penalties.

Whether charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense, the first step is to hire a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. The court system is complex with many procedures and rules. The average person can find the process to be frightening and overwhelming. Any criminal charge can be a serious matter. Individuals are routinely charged with fraud, violence, assault and drunk driving. An established attorney from Bramer Law will work hard toward a solution that’s in your best interest. The key is to act quickly following an arrest to ensure you’re adequately represented and that your rights are fully protected.