What You Need to Know about Blood-Alcohol Tests

If you are arrested for DUI, you will probably be required to take a blood-alcohol test. Three different methods exist to measure your blood alcohol: a blood test, a breath test and a urine test. Most states require a breath test to be administered (see What You Need to Know about Breathalyzers), but may also offer you the option of taking a blood or urine test.

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All three tests are prone to inaccuracy, but blood tests tend to be the most accurate. Inaccuracies in blood-alcohol tests arise when equipment is not properly used or sanitized or when samples get mixed up. There are a number of potential flaws with blood-alcohol tests, and an experienced criminal defense attorney should be familiar with the vulnerabilities of each testing method.

Refusal to take a blood-alcohol test may result in a suspension of your license and the possibility of points being added to your driving record