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Life After a Felony

Life can be difficult when you have a felony on your record, but it is not impossible to create a good living after a felony conviction. Depending on the nature of your felony, you may face restrictions on where you live and work. Additionally, you may face social stigmas and potential prejudice due to your record. Despite the tremendous obstacles, it is important to not give up in your attempts to reinvent yourself.

Getting used to life after a felony will take some time. You will not be eligible for most jobs that require a license (see How a Felony May Affect Employment) and you will not be able to own a gun or vote in some states. Don’t let this get you down. It’s time to start thinking creatively. Start focusing on the things that you can do and build a life around that.

While businesses have the right to deny you employment based on the fact that you are a felon, there are businesses that are willing to hire felons. These businesses are usually smaller companies that do not have a lot of bureaucracy to deal with. As you apply for jobs, be honest about your situation. Failure to reveal your past can result in instant dismissal when your employer finds out about it.

If every job opportunity you have turns up void, start thinking about business opportunities that you can create for yourself. Think about skills that you have that you could turn into your own business. Or, be willing to work lower jobs to prove that you’re a trustworthy employee. Just because you start in a low level job doesn’t mean you have to stay there. You can always work your way up with commitment and dedication.

Remember, you will likely face roadblocks as you strive to rebuild your life after a felony, but don’t give up—rebuilding your life is an ongoing process. With time and effort you can rebuild your reputation and establish a new beginning.